How to Use Live View

 Live View acts as the display for your classroom assessment, showing your students the question and answer choices with the ability to reveal the results after you've completed scanning. Below are detailed instructions on how to use Live View:

 1. To start, add your questions to your class via the Question Queue from your Library on the Plickers website or your mobile device. 



2. From the Plickers website, navigate to the Live View page,, making sure that the page is projected or visible to your students. 



3. From your mobile device, select the class you have added your questions to, and select a question from the "Queue" tab


4. Once selected, the Live View page on the Plickers website will be updated automatically with the answer hidden. From your device, you will see the status of Live View at the top of your question. 




5. Press the scan/camera button to begin scanning, as you scan, the Live View page from the Plickers website will update in real-time. By default your students can see if their card has been scanned, so they know when to put them down.



6. When you've completed scanning, press the "check" button to finish. From there you'll be presented with the results on your device. To reveal the results to your students from the Live View page, select "reveal" from the the web. You can see a full breakdown of how to do that here:


7. To advance to the next question, hit the "back"button from the app and select the next question in your "Queue". 



If you are following these steps and Live View is still not working, please see our Live View troubleshooting guide or check the Live View status indicator.


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