Using Scoresheet for Grading

Plickers Scoresheet is optimized for grading giving you visibility into your student results across all your questions. Below is a breakdown of the Scoresheet features that will make it easier to discover and track your students' performance.

Sort Questions By Name, Card #, Results

Not only can you view multiple results for your students, but now you can sort the results by score, by student, or by card number. Click on the ^ icon next to the column title in your report to change how your report is sorted.


Toggle Between Percentage or Question Total

If you toggle sorting on the “Total %” column, you will have the option to sort by total percentage, or the total amount of questions. I.E. if your student answered 2 out of 4 questions correct in your report, you can toggle whether that shows up as 50% or 2/4.


Color Coded Results and Questions

With color coded question responses and result totals, you can now identify areas of improvement at a glance. Green answered show correct responses, red incorrect answers, and blue are responses to questions with no correct answer set. The percentage totals range from green for higher performance and red for lower scores.

CSV Export

Have excel formulas you need to use for grading or need a hardcopy to submit or import into your grading system? We’ve got you covered as we now offer CSV export for any report you generate.

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