Print/Export Scoresheet

To print or export your scoresheet, use the “Export to CSV” button in the bottom left hand corner of the page and this will download a .csv file of your results. This spreadsheet can then be saved or printed for your records.

Additionally, you can use the "Print reports for individual students" to export/print a PDF of your results sorted by each student.

Other uses for the spreadsheet export may include: 

  • Export data for advanced filtering and analysis (multiple classes, individual students, compiling result, excel formulas etc.)
  • Physical copy for printing or records
  • Standard format for integrating with other services
  • Sharing results for students, parents, teachers

Troubleshooting Printing/Export

If you're experiencing any issues printing or exporting your Scoresheet try the following:

  • Using an alternate browser, we recommend Safari or Microsoft Edge
  • Make sure you're printing from a laptop or desktop, our reports are not optimized for mobile devices at this time
  • If you're having trouble with the Formatting of Individual Student Reports, this is a known issue we are working to address. If you are on a Windows computer/laptop, if you try printing the individual student reports using the Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browser, it should still work correctly. If you're on a Mac, then please try printing with Safari instead.
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