Scoresheet Overview

Scoresheet is a flexible way to review your students’ results over multiple questions. You can use Scoresheet to monitor student progress and save time grading: color-coded student and question averages make it easy to identify questions to review and spot students who need more help. Below we've highlighted some key features and functions that will help you get the most out of your student data:

  1. Select Your Class and Date Range: Simply choose a class and date range (from a single day to an entire month) using the filter panel on the left and Scoresheet shows totals by student and question.
  2. Sort Your Results: Focus where help is needed most using color-coded student and question totals and highlighted wrong answers. Sort students by name, card number, or total score for easy grouping. To sort, press the ^ button next to the title in each column.
  3. Pick and Choose Your Questions: Individually choose which questions to include in student totals using the checkbox above each question. Use this to easily leave warm-up questions out of quiz grades or calculate student totals for a specific topic.
  4. View Full Questions: Click on any question to highlight the column (4a) and open the question panel on the right (4b). Review the full question and choices along with a bar graph of students’ answers. Click Details to see the individual question report.
  5. Print/Export Results: Excel guru? Spreadsheet sorcerer? Download a CSV file and slice and dice the data to your heart's content.

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