Student Privacy

Your students' privacy is very important to us, and as such we don't record or store any identifiable information about them on our servers (this is outlined in our Privacy Policy)

Plickers definitely does not store images or video from your mobile device on our servers; the image processing for determining which shapes correspond with which answer choice is done locally on your device, and no images are ever stored or kept on your device beyond the initial "reading" or scanning. In other words, it's like buying cereal at the store, where the clerk scans the barcodes on the grocery item, but the barcode reader isn't taking a picture of the cereal box -- that's pretty much analogous to Plickers's use of images: the Plickers code is processed and only the student answer choice is derived.

We are absolutely dedicated to making sure teachers feel good about knowing that we're with them on protecting student privacy, so if you have any outstanding questions, please let us know and we want to be sure we can address them for you and for all teachers using Plickers.


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