How to Scan

Once you're ready to pose your question to the class, the next step is scanning your student's Plickers cards. To initiate the scanning process you need to first select a question in the Plickers mobile app. You can select an existing question from your library or if you have a question assigned specifically to your class, select it from your Queue panel. Initiate scanning on any question by simply selecting the [scan/camera] button.

  1. After selecting a question, to begin scanning cards select the [scan/camera] icon in the question view.
  2. In the “camera view” you will see an overlay of the the students.
  3. Make sure the cards are visible in the "camera view"" and Plickers will automatically scan the answers in real-time.
  4. Green indicates correct answers, Red indicates incorrect answers, Dark Grey indicates invalid answers and Light Grey indicates students have not been scanned.
  5. Once all the students answers have been collected, press the "check" to complete scanning.


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