Creating Questions (Mobile)

  1. From the home screen with the list of classes, select the class you'd like to create a question for.
  2. Then select [Create] to make a new question on iOS. On Android, select [+], then [Create].
  3. You can either type in your full question (ex: "Which of the following sentences contains a comma splice?") or just label it with a shorthand label (ex: Q1 or Grammar Check 1). Set the correct answer (if there is one) by simply tapping on one of the lettered answer choices. You can select multiple correct answers if you'd like. Note that you also can scan Plickers cards without setting a correct answer; this may come in handy for student surveys or for questions with more than one correct answer.
  4. iOS Users - Select the photo icon to insert images into your question. You can take a photo from your device or select images directly from your photo library (coming soon on Android).
  5. Android Users - If you'd like to fill in the full answer field text, then toggle the [Advanced] options on to reveal the answer choice text fields
  6. Tap [ Create ] to save the question on iOS. Tap the “check” to save on Android.
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