Troubleshooting Scanning


Scanning Wrong Answers

  • Make sure your device is upright (portrait orientation) while scanning, otherwise if on its side (landscape orientation), the camera will read the cards incorrectly.
  • Android Users, you may need to calibrate the orientation of your camera by performing the following steps.

Cards Not Scanning

  • Lightning: Are you in good, bright light? Make sure that cards aren't being backlit (ex: windows behind students) because that could slow down the app from reading the cards as easily.
  • Glare: Do the cards have any glare? If they're gloss laminated, the cards may have trouble scanning if light is shining directly on them. Ideally, they're on non-gloss cardstock or matte laminated.
  • Distance: Are you a good distance away from the cards? Since they're designed to be used in class, if you're testing them out on your own, try to be at least 3 feet away. (The standard size will scan optimally from 6-15ft).
  • Android HTC Devices: HTC devices using “ultra pixel” technology in their cameras have problems scanning cards with Plickers. This unique camera technology uses fewer, but larger megapixels, which works well for taking pictures, but can cause issues with scanning technologies like Plickers.

Scanning Shows Black Screen on iOS

  • If you select “scan” and instead of getting the camera, just see a black screen it means that you have an iOS security setting preventing Plickers from using your camera. To enable your camera for Plickers, just go to Settings > Privacy > Camera, and enable camera access for Plickers.


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