Creating Questions (Web)

  1. From your Library, select the [+ New Question] button to start.
  2. You can set the type of question to "True/False"" or you can delete unneeded answer choices by clicking on the "X"" next to the answers to delete.
  3. Set the correct answer (if there is one) by simply clicking the checkbox for which answer(s) are correct. Note that you also can scan Plickers cards without setting a correct answer; this may come in handy for student surveys or for questions with more than one correct answer.
  4. Click [Save] to save the question or [Save and create new] to immediately create another question.


Editing Questions - From your Library, click on the dropdown menu (arrow icon) at the upper-right corner of the question you'd like to edit. Here you can edit your questions, move your questions, archive/unarchive questions you are are not actively using, and delete questions entirely.

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