Plickers Presentation Kit

We’re always SUPER EXCITED to hear about Teachers presenting Plickers and want to thank you for all your support. We have put together the following resources that we hope will be of use as you share and demonstrate Plickers to your colleagues:

Best Practices

Because Plickers is such an interactive tool with a highly visual experience, most of the successful presentations are the ones that demo Plickers and even integrate it into the session. For example any voting or questions you may pose to your group could be done using Plickers. An example of this is if you are doing a presentation on formative assessment tools, then you can use Plickers to have the audience vote on their favorite formative assessment tool they saw in the session.

One thing to keep in mind when demoing Plickers is that Plickers relies on the ability for your device’s camera to read the Plickers cards. In presentation halls or unfamiliar classrooms, pay attention to any variables that might affect this such as the lighting of the room or how far your participants are sitting from you. If you are in a larger space, you may want to use the larger size Plickers cards, or approach the people you’re scanning.

Presentation Templates

Included is our ‘Getting Started’ presentation that serves as a great overview on how to setup Plickers for the first time. We have included PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF versions of the presentations to meet your needs.

Please feel free to modify or use the presentations as templates for your own materials and presentation needs. The PowerPoint and Keynote presentations are fully customizable.

Logos and Assets

We have also included several Plickers logos and banners for you to leverage in your presentations or handouts. Please feel free to resize them and use them within your own presentation materials, we have included transparent black and white versions of the logos that are great for overlays and the Plickers logo on our blue background, and a PNG of a Plickers card for you to use.


Cards are core to the Plickers experience, so we have included a PDF of our 60 card Plickers set, for you to print or share with your presenters. You will also find a PDF with 40 Plickers symbols on one page. Having all the cards on one page makes for a great demo or visual for your presentation.


Additional Resources:

There are a few other resources not included in the folder that are important to point out:

Helpful Videos for Plickers

We have a wonderful community of teachers constantly posting great tutorials on YouTube, here’s a few standout videos that you can leverage in your presentations:

Plickers Help

For any questions or issues with Plickers, feel free to email us at:


We have a fantastic community on Twitter where you can find great use cases for how teachers are using Plickers: @plickers on Twitter

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