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Using Google Sign-In

Plickers now supports authentication using Google 'Sign In'. This means that you can use your existing Google credentials to access your Plickers account instead of signing-in with an email and separate password. 


To sign-up using your Google Account, select the 'Google Sign In' icon. If you are already logged into your Google account in the browser, you'll be prompted to allow permissions to Plickers. If not logged in, you'll be prompted to login with your Google credentials (same as your Gmail account).  

To sign-in with your Google account, you'll find that same 'Google Sign In' option from the Plickers login page and you can follow the Google prompts to login. 


To link your Google account to an existing Plickers account, go into your Plickers settings and you'll find the option to 'Add Google Sign-In' to your account. 

To remove Google Sign-In from your account, select the 'Remove Google Sign-In' option from your account settings and your account will remain associated with your email address. 

Trouble Signing-In 


If you have issues logging into your Plickers account, the first thing to do is reset your password. If your Plickers account is under an email address and password, this option will prompt you to check your email for a link to reset your password. Otherwise, you'll get a prompt that your account is tied to your Google account and to login using the 'Google Sign In' option. If you have forgotten the password to your Google account, you'll need to reset your password directly from Google

If your Plickers account is associated with a Google Account that you no longer have access to, use the help widget on this page to contact us directly. 


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